diy fashion: make jersey insert denim shorts

October 6, 2011

I bought some vintage Levis off Ebay that are a tad too small and refused to give them up. I decided to use them as an incentive to workout a little harder at the gym until I spotted these Helmut Lang jersey insert denim shorts. And presto, the DIY was born. My rib cage thanks you, Helmut Lang.

Tutorial By Candy Fraser

I didn’t measure my inserts. I just went straight to cutting. Rebellious, ain’t I? 

Just make sure you don’t cut too much.  Less is more.

I used thin jersey.  Even better than that will be thick jersey, thick slightly stretchy vinyl, or leather.

Pin the tights to the inside of the shorts.  Make sure not to stretch the fabric when pinning.

Hand sew or use a sewing machine.  Either truly will be fine.

And then cut off any excess leggings fabric on the inside of the shorts.

Finally being able to breathe in these shorts never felt so good 🙂

Candy Fraser’s DIY fashion blog: