unripe design: azede jean-pierre

September 2, 2011

Azede Jean-Pierre is a rapidly rising fashion designer surpassing mere ripples in the industry. At just 23 years old these early successes also precede the completion of her degree in fashion design at the Savannah College of Art and Design. She has been featured on Vogue Black (of Italian Vogue) online, been recognized by as one of their top 5 designers to watch, and the N.B.A.F. recently awarded her the M. Jack Anderson Emerging Talent award, landing one of the pieces from her Spring/Summer 11′ in the window of Neiman Marcus in Atlanta.
In addition to collecting accolades, producing glamorous runway shows and interning for Ohne Titel this past summer in NYC she also showcases her amazing DIY works and daily dealings on her “Newcomer” blog. Azede’s recent S/S collection showcases a cache’ of femininely flattering dresses available in thoughtfully designed gown grazing, cocktail party ready and mid length demure variations cut from sensuous and delicately sheer fabrics embellished with romantic petals and intricate origami reminiscent accents.
One look at the superior design and construction of her collection revealed the talent Azede possesses is far beyond her current level of training. Sincerely promising accomplishments indeed, she was created for this purpose.
– Contributor: Alicia Maria Golden
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Designer Azede Jean-Pierre