celebrate originality, give the bird to bullying

August 29, 2011

Gravity defying hair, a quirky taste in clothing, and not-so-conventional interests are unique characteristics to be celebrated. It’s not every day you come across someone that stands above the crowd like an ink spot on crisp, white paper. Those very things that make me special however brought me grief. Rather than commemoration I became a victim of what millions of Americans suffer through daily – bullying.

Words by Amber Alexander

Bullying, though often disregarded as simple grade school conflict affects people of all ages, races, creed, and social class. It can happen anywhere from the workplace to even at home where we are supposed to feel most safe. Bullies have a way of using intimidation to manipulate situations, turn allies into enemies, and try to make you feel inferior. Why? Because they are insecure themselves or jealous of something you have that they lack and need someone to pick on to feel powerful. As a result of their selfish behavior, the target then begins to believe maybe they are the problem creating feelings of self-doubt. In a worst case scenario, the target may retaliate in a way that will only cause more harm to themselves.

Since my teenage years I’ve always been the odd man (well in this case woman) out. My timid personality and loud outfits stirred up strange reactions from peers and I hated it. Naïve old I, actually believed I would escape the madness in adulthood but boy was I wrong. Years later in my early twenties I find myself still battling mean-spirited colleagues who spend their valuable time criticizing others. I’m the butt of jokes, nasty rumors, demeaning tasks, and overall treated unfairly due to people’s personal grudges against me stemmed from ignorant misconceptions. Whatever happened to getting to know a person?

I say take a stand, speak up, and stay true. No one deserves to feel isolated. Most of all, fuck the naysayers because all they do is yap and unfortunately these types of people are going absolutely nowhere. You have to have a back bone and realize you are better than petty drama. Once you are happy with who you are, everyone else’s opinions and sucky attitude towards you will no longer matter. In the words of Eleanor Roosevelt “No one can make your feel inferior without your consent.” The choice is yours. 

Amber Alexander’s website: beautyandthestreet.net 

Image from 25mag.com

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