ap fashion: kwamee by francis – misfit’ingly dangerous designs

August 12, 2011

Fashion is a sensitive subject to discuss, write about, critique- period. It’s imperative for fashion students and designers to display the originality behind a brilliant mastermind with hot shit, which is why member Francis Kwamee receives impeccable credit for his craft. With two handfuls of a new era of ‘hipsters’ growing in large increments, who’s to separate the real from the rest now?

Contributor: Brittani ‘Cheeba’ Austin

Hipsters are forever temporary and never permanent. With the genuine people integrated with the masked lives of the pretenders, it makes it confusing for different audiences to accept the works of some designers. It’s only right to feature one of Afro-Punk’s own treasures who’s branding a label out of Melbourne, Australia.

Kwamee is a brilliant fashion designer who specializes in basic knitted apparel for men and women, yet with impeccable originality. With his edgy parachute pants and a doll-like elegant touch of true fashion, Kwamee by Francis is the real deal. Featured in Vogue catalogs and found in boutiques in South Yarra, the clothes do so much of the talking. Quite enough chitter-chatter that not just any one body can fit smoothly into Kwamee’s clothes—check the price tag! Strictly not for the faint at heart, clothes by this designer fit the misfit yet darling look of a chic, posh individual. You know, the one who wears Doc Martin boots with a beautiful sailor-made trench coat.

With a “no sweethearts” sign attached to the label, the fashion signifies a bold yet neutral-toned mannerism for the customer. His looks rock from simple t-shirts with a baby pocket across the heart to drooping sweaters that get tricky around the neck area, to gorgeous, loose-fitting, expensive, black pants that can be dressed up or down in! Fashion designer students, take well-written and mental notes of Kwamee by Francis…

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