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does weight really matter??

July 11, 2011

Would you ever date someone heavier than you (guy or girl)? The other night I was just searching around the web like I usually do when I can’t sleep, and stumbled upon some message boards where females asked men “Is 5’5 180lbs too big?” “Do men consider 5’7 190lbs too fat?” “I’m 160lbs, am I thick… do guys like thick girls?”. I’m not going to lie, I’m not skinny by ANY means. I’m thick, but I don’t consider myself fat. A lot of guys on these boards were so… so… shallow! I was so angry I had to shut off my laptop.

Words by Kia Jay

A. People distribute their weight differently. You can be 5’5 and 160lb and not even look it and then there are some who look unhealthy.
B. The average American woman is 5’8 I believe and like 150-160, about a size 12-14. How is that big?!?
C. Short and thick does NOT equal fat…

Why do we idealize thinness? Is being average size/weight really a turn off? I have a theory… the guys who are the shallowest probably have nothing to offer themselves. I understand that sexual attraction is what draws two people to each other in the first place but there is a fine line between sexual attraction and just wanting a “trophy” girlfriend on your arm. In that case I want a Reggie Bush on my arm (-__-) I have had insecure moments where I dated guys my weight or a little smaller but it was not that big of a deal, and those who found me “fat” were just shallow, douche bags who dated girls that wore makeup 24/7 and got made up for classes like they were going to the club! lol I was just too down to Earth I suppose =P.. I could go on and on all day lol.

I would like to hear others opinions… Is weight/size really THAT BIG of a deal when it comes to dating someone? Is it all about arm candy? How much is too much?