interview: rebelmatic, natural genre-benders

June 8, 2011

To stash AP members Rebelmatic away, in the eternally awkward, possibly dead “rock-rap” file, would be an injustice to a band that simply wants to splash some varied colors around on a canvas, and hope you get the picture. In his review of the band’s 2009 release, Prey for the Vulture, Chaz Kangas anoints the band with a four out of five star rating, and declares “genre-bending has seldom sounded so natural,” and we’re kinda inclined to agree.

Interview by Camille Collins

Here’s the down and dirty on who they are, where they came from, and why it would behoove you to get out your head phones, or better yet off the couch and out to a live show, and take a listen.

CC: Where the hell did Rebelmatic come from?
Creature: The ashes of CBGBs, the street corner ciphers of New York City, and late night Brooklyn jam sessions.

CC:Who makes up your band?
Creature: Creature – Vocals. Alkatraz – Guitar. Premo – Bass. Sticks – Drums.

CC: I hear threads of rap, metal, and reggae in the music. How did the Rebelmatic sound come into being?
Creature: Rebelmatic’s sound comes from four different individuals with diverse musical taste. Hip-hop to hardcore punk to metal to jazz, reggae, blues, funk and all of our individual influences are collectively reflected in our sound.

CC: You write your own lyrics?
Creature: Absolutely. I write all the lyrics and as a unit we create all the music.

CC: Name one of your favorite writers, and why.
Creature: Donald Goines. Reason being, he was extremely prolific and in a short period of time was able to give a voice to a group of people who were not being heard at the time.

CC: Who is your favorite super hero?
Creature: Dare Devil and Black Panther

CC: Give me three bands/performers that have been an influence.
Creature: The Doors, Bad Brains, and Sly Stone.

CC: Name three reasons why anyone should download a Rebelmatic tune or attend a live show?
Creature: Rebelmatic is a true experience that has to be seen or heard. It’s energetic, honest, and refreshing. Rebelmatic brings to life the sights and sounds of New York City that cannot be simply found, and require a lifetime of experience to develop.

* You can download/purchase Rebelmatic’s music here