punxofrage comic book series celebrates rebels + punk & hip-hop cultures

May 9, 2011

Oh hell yeah! A comic book series with touches of punk and hip-hop cultures, statements about consumerism and rebellion… Meet PUNXofRAGE, published by Chicago-based Strictly Underground Comics. Talented writers and visual artists got together to create this story, which they started to work on in 2009.

Joe Robinson Currie, Strictly Underground’s head creator, writer and publisher, tells us: “Strictly Underground was born 15 years ago. It was a group of artists and writers that got tired of trying to submit to what the mainstream publishers wanted and demanded. We pretty much said ‘to hell with them’ and went underground.”

PUNXofRAGE takes place in Rage city, somewhat of a fictional version of Chicago, but with criminality at every turn, and the underworld bigwigs making the rules. Main character Dodger, who patrols the city to fight this violence, sparked a resistance with a group of rebels called the PUNXofRAGE.

“I’m a big hip hop head. So you will see the elements of the culture on display. You’re going to see the tattoo culture in full effect. Goth Culture, Steampunk, Diesel Punk, Cyber Punk.”, Currie explains. “The artists involved on the project so far are Stanley Weaver, Whitney Barber and Ozzie Martin.”

The series is two books in, and you can support by downloading copies (99 cents only!) from their online store.

– Lou C-D

All characters and material are ™trademark and ©copyright of Joe Robinson Currie and Strictly Underground Entertainment.