tyler the creator: the little brat who forced us to pay attention

March 11, 2011

Kids. I tell you, they’re the worst. Teens especially, with their feelings and always being misunderstood. If only teens could just focus all their angst and hormones on something productive– like selling out shows nationwide, making unreasonable amounts of money, and dominating a music genre in a ski mask like Tyler the fucking Creator. With the debut of the highly anticipated Odd Future Billboard cover this week, once again, the Internet is ablaze with praise and fascination. Pay attention kids; this could happen to you if you decide to work hard, all while not giving an actual fuck.


Tyler the Creator: The Little Brat Who Forced Us to Pay Attention

Words Alex Gamlin


We’ve already told you about Odd Future. Their madness, and how offensive they are, and how happy they make us. The general consensus has been a collective “oh hell yes, this is hot!”. The “swag movement” came out of nowhere, and suddenly everyone was falling for it, chanting the regional slang of one man–check– one boy, who orchestrated it all for us to yield and bow to. Some little punk named Tyler from Los Angeles. He has produced nearly every track and/or rapped on nearly every mixtape and album the Wolf Gang has released since the pack officially became a collective in 2007. While it’s a group effort, Tyler is the stand out leader, and at 20 years old (as of March 6th! Happy Birthday, Tyler), he has 2 albums, a recent signing with XL, the album “Wolf” on the way for 2012, and a following of every age, race and sanity level, all following the junior messiah. Not every LA skater kid gets a Funny or Die spoof with Paul Sheer. He’s taken over Late Night television on Jimmy Fallon, and has some of the biggest hip-hop veterans including the likes of Mos Def, Questlove and Toure all ridding the Odd Future stick. Even though the first thing he did to all of us in the “French” video was point a gun at us. Now he’s eating roaches and killing himself. I believe him when he says he’s going to impale Bruno Mars.


None of these things, are things to be mad at. I’m wildly impressed. The turnover rate itself is unbeleiveable, and this guy did it at 17? WTF have I been doing? That’s when you simply shake your head with a smile and say “why Tyler, you sonofabitch, you!” I guess that’s what makes him pretty much a superstar. Normal people generally don’t have that kind of gravitas at 18 years old. You’d have to be Tyler to be Tyler.

Like it or not, Odd Future with Tyler at the helm is the next transcending genre that will consume us all for a while, or at least until Tyler says so. And everyone will listen. It’s early in the movement, and it’s fresh, so I delicately compare Tyler to other greats who held the world in their fists from the very beginning– Dr. Dre, Kurt Cobain, Mike Tyson– A little bit of terror, but more so a sense of rejuvenation. That’s all we’re ever looking for, right? A leader.

If you have the hook up, catch Tyler and the boys at what is sure to be the most ridiculous SXSW show, probably ever. Make sure you keep up with Tyler on twitter @fucktyler

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