rockstar in training: motherlodge like a mother!

March 28, 2011

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me! I am finishing up the songs for my solo album, “The Awesomest of Them All,” and I was asked to participate in a live & rockin’ performance for an event called Motherlodge! The selection of songs we performed were from Sly and the Family Stone’s Stand! and Dio’s Holy Diver. Extremely awesome! I was asked to be involved by a guy named Ray Rizzo. Ray is a totally awesome dude. He’s also a drummer extraordinaire and spectacular human being who is the brains & creative juice behind making Motherlodge happen.

Rockstar in Training: Motherlodge Like A Mother!

Words: Pam Newman

Motherlodge is a live arts exchange which spans New York and Kentucky. It’s totally rad, and kind of a big deal. The Rudyard Kipling, a local theater/music/venue/restaurant/bar/magical Included in the mashup of entertainment are musical performances, theater, visual arts, and even the art of cooking gets tossed in the pot of event stew they call Motherlodges!

The event happens a few times a year in both New York City and here in Louisville. Performers from both cities perform at home, or in the other city. Some really awesome people perform at Motherlodge, including Tyrone Cotton and GRAMMY award winner, Lady Rizo.
Needless to say, I was excited and honored to be included! I was asked to be in the Dio/Sly set as a part of an ensemble of utterly amazing and professional local musicians.
Amazing local musicians who I will hopefully get to work with for the creation of my upcoming album, “The Awesomest of them All,” but that’s another blog post for two weeks from now. 🙂

We had rehearsals in various locations around Louisville. The Rudyard Kipling itself. Warehouses. Guitar shops. We even had an “open rehearsal,” at Derby City Espresso where people could come watch. Wrangling 10 musicians into the same spot for about 6 rehearsals proved easier than securing locations at times. But whatever! The power of rock prevails, right?
You damn right!

At first I wasn’t quite sure how the songs we were covering would mix together. I mean, come on. The 80’s metal thrashings of Ronnie James Dio mixed with the drugged out 70’s funk of Sly & The Family Stone? I had my doubts. I do, however, have a lot of faith in Ray. I figured if he was making it happen, it would come out cool.
OMG it totally did, too.

We mixed Dio’s “Shame On the Night,” with Sly’s “Don’t Call Me Nigger, Whitey.” I got to get my solo-on for that mashup, and totally rocked the fuck out of it. I think it was an appropriate mashup for an Afro-Punk style woman such as yours truly.
When the night arrived for our first performance, got our rock pants on, drank a few beers, a few coffees, and ROCKED!
The show was actually streamed live on by an amazing fella by the name of Leo Osborne. Most Motherlodge shows are still posted online, and you can watch any of them for free at your leisure. Pretty awesome, right?

Being the nerd that I am, it was extra appealing to me that our metal-funkness was being streamed online in real time. Isn’t that cool of a venue streaming an event they’re charging money for online? More people can view the event and get to know what it’s all about. The live streaming makes it really easy for folks in New York to be able to enjoy the event as well. Some of my friends & followers from Tumblr & twitter tuned in and watched live. Most of them had never seen me perform before, so it was extra cool!

A guy at the Saturday evening performance said he had watched us do the Friday set on online! So clearly, if people dig the online stream, they’re gonna come to the next performance. No money was lost on the streaming, in my opinion.
Speaking of guys who I spoke to on Saturday, a really nice guy came up to speak to me after the show, and told me how much he loved my performance. He’s a fan of the Dio catalogue, and popped this on my Facebook page (Which you should go like:
“I saw Pam rock out to Dio’s “Shame on the Night” last night. It was awesome! I don’t meet many chicks who can deliver high energy Heavy Metal like Pam did… Rock On Pam!”
Aww! Thanks! 😀
My performance of “Shame on the Night” starts at 7:00 on the video. Let me know if you agree with that guy!

Keeping it Awesome every day,
Your rockstar in training,
Pam Newman