black polo team makes history with championship title

March 16, 2011

While the black athletes getting the most attention this month are the college basketball players involved in March Madness, Cowtown-Work to Ride quietly made polo history on Sunday when it became the first all African-American team to win a national title in the sport.  At the National Interscholastic Championship at the Virginia Polo center, the team took home the gold after beating out the crew from Baltimore.


Black Polo Team Makes History With Championship Title

Words The Root


(Kareem Rosser, 18)


The Philadelphia Inquirer reports:

Cowtown/WTR became the first all-black team to win the national championship. The team, which entered the tournament as the second seed, includes brothers Kareem Rosser, 18, and Daymar Rosser, 16, of West Philadelphia, and Brandon Rease, 15, of North Philadelphia.

[Coach Leslie] Hiner said Cowtown/WTR broke to an early lead against Baltimore. The team did the same thing in a 24-8 victory over Midland (Texas) in Saturday’s semifinals.

“We’re known as a come-from-behind team, but the boys were so explosive in these games,” Hiner said.

Hiner said Kareem Rosser, who attends Valley Forge Military Academy with his younger brother and has his sights set on attending Cornell next year, was named the “No. 1 all-star” at the competition.

Hiner started the Work to Ride program in 1994 as a way to help underprivileged children from Philadelphia. She designed it as a nonprofit that offers students riding lessons in exchange for labor around the barn.