life in technicolor: meet the yogi, khay

February 16, 2011

Model, DJ, yogi, and long time Afro-punk supporter, Khay, makes everything she puts her hands on look flawless- with her undeniable beauty and effortless fashion.  Continuing New York photographer, Ijeoma Iheanacho‘s photo essays of everyday people who identify with the AP community, this week she featured Khay, a 20-something fashionista and world traveler, who lives, parties, and works in the budding Brooklyn hipster scene.  Khay, who’s currently backpacking throughout India for spiritual enlightenment, says that she supports the AP community because the people involved are, “outliers and the tastemakers of tomorrow.”  When she’s not globetrotting around the world, you can usually find Khay just about anywhere in Brooklyn, spreading her love and high energy with anyone who she bumps into.


Life in Technicolor:  Meet the Yogi, Khay

Photos Ijeoma Iheanacho

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i am khay(riyyah) muhammad the great!



the same age of basquait and jimi hendrix.

What do you do?

i do the gamut truly. it’s something i am learning to embrace within myself, i love so many things – ART! i bartend to make some bones. i dj to expand my music-to-mind dexterity. i sing and vocalize to find my black swan song so to speak. i paint as a hobby and ode to the visual arts. i yoga and dance to connect to core of the human experience. i love all day everyday.


What makes you a rebel?

what makes me a rebel is that i allow myself free thought. essentially i celebrate all that i love in life and turn away from, without judgement, all that i do not love. this allows me total artistic control over my life, relationships, movements, and general happiness. and yes, i let gratitude flow forth with no ‘off’ switch.


Moment in history that changed your life

malcolm x changed my life, yogananda did as well. Osho writing all that he has, changed the course of my existence. leaving Newark to study and live in boarding school (taft) changed my life tremendously. knowing that i could travel the globe alone happily grew so much within me. learning to swim last year moved me as i’m a pisces. 


Where do you see the Afro-punks fitting into the larger story of African American history?

I see Afro-punks as being the “outliers and siders” today and becoming the tastemakers of a dawning tomorrow. Afro-punks are the future, and like the future, whether you feel terrified or enthralled – it’s here!


What does your look say?

my looks sometimes shouts urban 80’s baby! and other moments my look moans marilyn monroe – glamrock. my everyday style would comfortably be boho-chic with some suspenders. i really love to fuse blue collar, hot white trash (kelly bundy) with americanized latina, some african Diaspora prints and sprinkle some polo preppiness on top. get it? good ^,^


Style icon

see above. i am inspired by old new york styles – like the warriors. then i go OLD manhattan like native american manhattan and do lots of feathers leather moccasins, you know the prints found in nature. so i’d say my style icons are native americans far and wide, wild animals (cheetahs/peacocks/etc). indigenous ideas of art being fused into what one wears mixed with absolute functionality really speaks to my, khaystyle.

Personality icon

fran drescher and queen nefertiti

Biggest vice

my biggest vice is that i don’t know when to quit – tallyho!


Drink of choice

california cabernets

The last album you bought and why?

i bought this late 90’s israeli rock band’s album. i was walking the streets of tel aviv a few months back and wanted to feel the pulse of israel’s music scene. the guy at the record shop recommended them. i’ll get you their name once i change my computer keypad to hebrew. i am all about universal citizenship and music says so much about each culture. it’s an awesomely enjoyable shortcut to understanding your location.


The best gift you’ve ever received

the best gift i ever received was from my lil sis’s and it was a Jade Yoga mat. it’s eco friendly and has this amazingly titillating texture that really allows you to explore every pose fully. someone stole it from the studio so if anyone listening out there wants to mend my broken heart, please send a Jade yoga mat to…lol

Someone in pop culture you wish you didn’t like, but you do

i have no confusion about my likes and loves when it come to music. drawing a blank

What is your wish for the world?

i wish for the world and it’s citizens to respect and celebrate all of it’s INDIVIDUALs. i wish for the globe to overstand our connectedness and to really put positive energy towards fortifying our interconnectedness. that’s a long word! hopefully a shorter journey to attain this goal within self first – the individuals of the world must celebrate THEMSELVES and then it will be natural to love all others.