life in technicolor: meet slim aka tat2slim

February 25, 2011

Continuing the photo essays, “Life in Technicolor,” by photographer, Ijeoma D. Iheanacho’s, this week she featured Afro-punk community member, Slim, other wise known as Tat2slim.  Slim, a tattoo artist who lives in Brooklyn, New York is an avid AP supporter and could be spotted at the 2010 Afro-punk festival promoting the local tattoo studio he works at in Fort Greene.  Find out what makes him a rebel, why he supports Afro-punk, and his one wish for the world.


Life in Technicolor: Meet Slim aka Tat2Slim

Photos Ijeoma D. Iheanacho

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TaT2slim aka Inkredible SLIM aka tat2yagirlsass




What do you do?

Tattooer (Ass Tattoo specialist)  


What makes you a rebel?

idgaf what anyone thinks of me I carry myself my way

Biggest vice

skin that’s not covered with tattoos


Where do you see the Afro-punks fitting into the larger story of African American history?

Afro-Punks are breaking the barriers.  History is about breaking barriers.  Afro-Punk is a movement, and all who are a part of it will be doing something that is making history


What does your look say?


Style icon

ol dirty bastard no father to his style


Personality icon

dr doom craving world domination

Drink of choice

gin & juice

The last album you bought and why?

NERD “Nothing” they’re my favorite band


The best gift you’ve ever received

my iPhone keeps me organized

Someone in pop culture you wish you didn’t like, but you do



Moment in history that changed your life

Obama being elected as president

What is your wish for the world

to make common sense common