rock star in training: nice to meetcha

January 24, 2011

My name is Pam Newman, and I’m standing on the third rung of an incredibly tall career stepladder. A funky ladder crafted from superficial bullshit, subjective reviews of progress, parties, and lies, lies, lies. No, I’m not running for office. I am hand-crafting an awesome and kickass solo career in Rock-Stardom! This blog is going to put you in the shotgun seat on that awesome and kick-ass journey.

Rock Star in Training: Nice to Meetcha

Words Pam Newman

I’m totally qualified for the job. Music is something I’ve lusted after since well before I was an angst-filled teenager listening to No Doubt, Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana and a lot more bands that didn’t start with the letter N.

I’ve been in a few rock bands as the lead vocalist – The Revenge of Ricky Williams, The Pam and Taylor Awesome Band, and Fast Forward Motion. My voice has rocked out on the radio, the series of tubes we call the Internet, iPods, car stereos and lots of regional stages… not to mention the occasional karaoke bar.  (Pam pictured below in The Revenge of Ricky Williams).

After working with those aforementioned kickass bands, I learned how music works from the stage, the calendar, and the designer wallet. It’s a lot of hard work being in a band if you want to make people other than your friends aware that you’re worth a cover charge. Marketing, writing press releases, acquiring good band photos, creating a quality image, all that shit is time consuming. Not to mention the fun part, creating and performing, are all a part of the process, too. All of that business stuff is like having a full-time job if you’re playing more than 1 show a month.

So not only can I do all that junk, but I’m blazin’ hot, smart as a tack, downright badass, and a hell of a front-woman. I fancy myself a singer who plays guitar. There’s a turquoise Strat-style guitar in my life who I call Seafoam.

Lately I’ve been embodying a modern American princess in my approach to the stage. A modern American princess is she who creates her own destiny with style and a flair for badassery. Also, being American, I can (or the American people) decide to be royalty. I don’t even need approval, as I actually descend from American “royal” blood.

That’s a story for another day.

Inside of me lives a compassionate humanitarian who is from time to time, shockingly humble. The music I play is stuff I’ve created myself. There are a few covers in my repertoire, but that’s not how I plan on getting the bills paid.

Since this blog is on Afropunk.com it’s probably obvious that I, as young Black woman, want to be a Rockstar. But to the world around us, music industry people who control the money will likely see me differently. They’re thinking, “She’ll make a good R & B artist,” or “Wouldn’t Pam Newman be a great Pop Idol?”

Oh, hell no! I don’t wanna, and fuck ‘em for hypothetically suggesting that.

If I wanted to get a career doing some shit that would make me miserable, I’d be punching in at a 9-5 and not scraping by from day to day. I’ve fully committed to writing “Fucking Rockstar” on my tax return sooner than later. Or better yet, paying someone else to write that on my tax returns for me!

I am living at home, with no health insurance, no one specific employer, a college education and a 5 year plan.

On paper, that just sounds like I’m another victim of the tightly-coiled pile which some refer to as an economic crisis. I am not! I, Pam Newman, am simply what industry professionals refer to as, “A professional musician.”

I play out shows regularly, and am in the process of creating a set if songs for solid demo. I’m going to run my career my way, and maintain my image of a “Modern American Princess,” a rocker and a respectable Black woman.

Fortunately (and unfortunately) for me, the music industry is very image driven. Since I’ve already got an idea of how I should present myself, this should be easy, right?

Maybe. Maybe not.

I know I’m a damn good entertainer, an interesting character, and I’m perfect for rock music. Duh. And isn’t the world presently in need of an epic female rocker? Duh, squared.

But before things are said and done, and I’m the Princess of Rock… before I start seeking out a label or even qualified management, I’ve gotta get some shit done. I need a good solo demo. I’ve gotta find a solid, rocking, professional band to back me up. I’ve gotta write more awesome songs.

As you get to know me here in my little blog on Afropunk.com, you’ll join me on an adventure without having to do any of the work. It’ll be like a reality show without the fake tans and stupid bitches. Well, there may be stupid bitches, but they won’t be members of the main cast.
Keeping it Awesome Every Day!

Your rockstar in training,

Pam Newman