tattoo of the week: another beautiful collage

December 22, 2010

If you’ve been following our tattoo of the week posts, you know that sometimes we like to run collages of beautiful minority women with tattoos that we find on the web with no information about them, just for viewing pleasure.  One of our favorite blogs, Fuck Yea Black Chicks With Tattoos, has been great for finding some of our features because when we post images of these beautiful women, if we get lucky they contact us and we can find out more information about their ink and why they got it done.  This week we went back to this blog to feature some of our latest favs that people have uploaded to their tumblr.  We hope you enjoy these images as much as we do.  Submit your images to (guys, please send in your tattoo images, too), to be featured as tattoo of the week on  We fucking love ink!


Tattoo of the week: Another Beautiful Collage

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-Please observe the bow down in hand written basic font right at the feet.  It looks like an Andinkra symbol on her left leg (not sure exactly), but it works.  Love the simple easy to read text for bow down, no questions about it.


-We featured the chick on the right with the Heineken bottle when she first got it done, and this image just solidifies our love for this girl.  We think it’s a fairy on the right shoulder of her friend.  This image is art, right?


-If you know Arabic, please let us know what this tattoo says.  Because the placement is great.  And it’s not in the traditional Japanese text that everyone got back in 1996.  This girl is soooo cute.  We just hope her tattoo doesn’t say something crazy, like, Fuck Obama or Spank Me Hard…ummm.


-Ahhhhhhh!!!!  This is too much awesome.  Is that a scorpion with a tail of a skull on half of her head?  Would love to know the story behind this one.


-First, chest tattoos, yes.  Second, her tattoos seem strategically placed so she can wear long sleeved shirts and she can hide her tattoos.  Besides the fact that this woman is beautiful, we would love to see the rest of her right sleeve.


-This lady just screams college, parties, ditching class, and getting into trouble.  The bow-tie on her left forearm is just in time for the holidays.


-Can someone please let us know if head tattoos hurt. 


-Love this little ray of sunshine’s work, especially the bottom half which is an excellent example of when Henna goes right when turned into a tattoo.  The detailing is perfect.