pop-up art show this weekend- win a free print!

December 1, 2010

As part of the Afro-punk summer festival, we have a huge art wall where we let up-and-coming visual artists come and trick it out. All we give them are the supplies and a theme to stick to. This weekend, Dec. 4-5th, artists who have graced their talents on the Afro-punk graffiti wall, such as Ibrahim Yaqut, Lichiban, Alice Mizrachi, Livingroom Johnston, will be featured at a Pop-up Art Shop in Manhattan, NY (but it’s free!), where they will be curating and selling prints of their work. We caught up with one of our favorite artists, Lichiban, who’s created masterpieces on the AP art wall for the last two festivals to find out more about this weekends pop-up art exhibit.

Lichiban will also be giving away one of her 16×18 prints of her “We Are Luminous Beings:: Yoda Blessing” to the first person who approaches her at the event and said Afro-punk sent them. Don’t be scared.

Thanks for giving away a print of “Yoda Blessings” to a lucky Afro-punk winner. Let us know a little bit more about the piece, what you used to make it, and what it means to you.
I channeled the force. “We Are Luminous Beings: Yoda Blessings” is the messenger of a whole slew of new characters I’m about to unveil. The prints are silk-screened on hand-made Nepalese paper.

Pop-up Panda is featuring a lot of artists who participated with the 2010 Afro-punk festival art wall – including Livingroom, Ibrahim, you, and Alice. Why did you guys decide to do this exhibit together?
That’s my fam. We support each other.

Afro-punk art wall 2010 Festival

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Tell us a little bit more about Pop-up Panda and why should people come out to the event?
Pop-up Panda is a pop-up shop I co-curated with my friends, Waichi & Chay. It will feature about 25 independent brands & affordable art from 9 artists. The art is collector-worthy & the rest is a carefully selected mix of some of our favorite brands. It’s at PANDA NYC (139 Chrystie St). You’ll find all that you need to know about it here🙂

What’s your favorite medium of art to work with and where do you craft most of your pieces?
I’ve most known for working on wood, but I’ve been really getting into making huge wall pieces and am planning to work on skin next.

Who is Lichiban and how do you stay so groovy?
Lichiban is one of my avatars who gets her flow from her feline planet, Citraka. I’m enjoying myself & letting things manifest freely.