wtf, afro-punk hairstyles on ehow??

September 24, 2010

Alternative black trends must be getting recognized if eHow just published a “how to” guide for African-American punk hairstyles. Making reference to music artists from Roscoe Dash to Busta Rhymes, the post gives some tips on how to create a funky, yet functional look. The funny thing is that the post uses terms like, “asymmetrics” and “jazzy mohawk” in a technical manner. Now, it really brings to question the race of the person who wrote this, but who cares? On with it, eHow. Let us know what you think of their post. If you have your own alternative hairstyle, please, post a pic below!

Wtf, Afro-Punk Hairstyles on eHow??
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K-Os with “punked out dread locks”

Punk hairstyles for African-Americans are created with hair dye, wearable hair strands, body glitter, and even chalk. These products can complement haircuts with straight lines and unforgiving edges; combine any of them to perfect an African-American punk look. However, no matter the style, African-Americans should still minimize chemical use and use products such as hydrating conditioners and oil sheen to maintain hair and scalp health and prevent dryness.


Rihanna is a black celebrity who loves to sport punk looks. You can achieve her hairstyles by first relaxing the texture of the natural hair and cutting the hair with razor-sharp edges. Create drastic asymmetry by cutting most of the hair close to the scalp and leaving the front long enough on one side to cover the eye. For permanent color highlights and stunning color contrast, carefully apply bleach and dye to certain hair strands. To change your haircolor more frequently without the drying effects of dye, glue or sew in colored hair extensions for a temporary look.
Jazzy Mohawk

Roscoe Dash is a rap star whose punk haircuts are fabulously intricate and attention-getting. His hair is all natural, with no chemical additives. Achieve his style by cutting hair into a basic mohawk. However, instead of completely shaving the sides of the head, have your barber draw patterns into the short remaining hair. Spray clippers with hair sheen to reduce skin irritation and strategically remove hair within the drawn pattern. This leaves behind a mohawk surrounded by words and shapes for a dramatic look. Then fill in lines or areas of scalp between the shapes with body glitter and chalk for outline definition.
Punked Out Dreadlocks

Busta Rhymes was one of the first rap artists to flaunt the creativity and style flexibility of dreadlocks. His stylist’s creations reflected his loud, wild hip-hop persona, which favored punk hairstyles made famous in the 1980s. While dreadlocks begin mostly as untamed hair left to grow freely with a little beeswax on the ends to prevent unravelling, Rhymes’s locks were formed into styles by braiding and tying locks into upward formations. Skilled braiders created labyrinthine designs around his head, while his hairline was shaped up with razor sharp-edges for classic punk hair definition.

What do you think of eHows “black punk hairstyles post?” Post your hairstyle pictures below!