do viral ghetto news clips make black people look bad?

September 15, 2010
Every year it seems there a news clip from some urban neighborhood with African Americans who maybe considered country, crazy, wacky silly or even stupid. Whether it be a leprechaun in the hood, whistle tip mufflers, a 7-year-old stealing cars or a flamboyant homosexual ranting against rapists. These clips go viral, get remixes and spread all over the internet. I find them funny and know that these people are just a small segment of the Black community who make urban neighborhoods more interesting and colorful. While I worry about the affect they might have on people outside the community, if someone is going to judge all Black people by a newscasts they were probably racist already.
-Words Casey Gane-McCalla from Newsone.com

Here’s a parody of the most popular viral news clips from the hood from our friends at Thats WhatUp over at The Urban Daily.