tattoo of the week: a collage of beauty

July 28, 2010
Normally for our tattoo of the week, we feature one person in the community who has a cool story about their tattoos. We’ve had some pretty cool submissions so far, and thank everyone who is ballzy enough to submit their tattoo images and stories. This week we decided to switch it up a bit and featured a collection of some dope photos we found on the internet of beautiful black women who wear their ink proudly. There are limited outlets to see a large collection of minorities with tattoos and we would like to continue building on our collection of photos. If you would like your tattoos featured on, e-mail us your photos to Include your name and why you should be feature as our tattoo of the week. Until then, we hope you enjoy this collection of flicks as much as we did.

Tattoo of the week: A collage of beauty
Images from the world wide wonderful web



































Have any favorites listed? Let us know which ones you digg. Have any better images, post here. Don’t forget to e-mail us your tattoo images to!