“my name is hannibal”: comedy served cut and dry

July 30, 2010
“My name is Hannibal.” The title of Hannibal Buress’ newly released comedy album is just about as cut and dry as you can get. And if you listen to Hannibal’s comedy, his cut and dry tone will leave you guessing, laughing, and in constant anticipation for the punch line. Hannibal, who is also a writer for SNL (Saturday Night Live), is at the top of his career, releasing his first comedy CD this week, which he said is a 50-minute stand up of stuff that he sees and thinks other people would want to hear about (he’s got this joke about pickle juice that I wish I wrote.) His CD is already the number one selling comedy album on iTunes, and was recorded last January at the Lakeshore Theater in Chicago. When I asked him about his busy work schedule, he simply responded, “I don’t feel like I’ve been busy enough.”

“My Name is Hannibal”: Comedy Served Cut and Dry
Words Whitney Summer Boyd
Photos Erin Patrice O’Brien

(photo taken backstage at Afro-punk 2010 Festival)

As with many folks in the Afro-punk community who feel shunned for their unique nature by mainstream media, Hannibal was also one of five comedians on the film, The Awkward Comedy Show (a spin off from The Kings of Comedy). The comedy film, directed by comedian Victor Varnado, was specifically made to highlight comedians who don’t fit the “Def Jam” mold. The DVD cover even advertises “COMEDY, PLUS BLACKNESS, TO THE NERD POWER.”

Hannibal got his break on SNL last year when he got a spot on Late Night with Jimi Falon. The producers saw his stand up and welcomed him to become a writer for the show. Originally from Chicago, he now lives in New York, where you can find him hosting a free comedy show at The Knitting Factory every Sunday night.

This weekend you can find him at The Laughing Skull Lounge in Atlanta, G.A. Go…see…his show… and I said it… just as cut and dry as Hannibal would.

To check out Hannibal’s newly released album, find it on

Hannibal’s August touring schedule:
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