kelis: the transformation queen

July 23, 2010
Kelis is releasing an album this summer and doing the usual press tour to spread the word. She even made time to stop by MTV and example/justify her fashion through the years. Some of the looks even she had to laugh at but still managed to make a great point, you will never have regrets if you wear what feels good at the time. And if skin tight pink spandex catsuits with liberty spike head piece holding on rat tail that reaches your ankles feels good, bitch do it!

Kelis: The Transformation Queen
Words Iyana Gregory

Watching the interview made me of course want to look back at some of the crazy things Kelis has worn in the past and see if i could update them to wear today. Some of her looks were so fresh and some so bad, it is crazy to see how she spanned the gamut.

Cruella the Czar

Remember when everyone was wearing these big ass hats!? Well Kelis did it first and in a big way! Even getting PETA’s attention. Not to be left out of this creation are the faux leather leggings it seemed like you couldn’t get away from. Here is a update on this look.

Club Queen

NY residents will remember the days of the Misshapes dance party. Never one to be left out of a party Kelis would frequent this night breaking new fashion ground weekly. One of my fav outfits from her during this time was this vintage wrap dress sexed up with peek-a-boo bra and night shades. Here is a update on this look

Daddy’s Skater Girl

Early Kelis before the money and the fame and milkshake is my favorite by far! NERD had just entered the room and brought this crazy cool chick with them. Here is a look that captured her at this time. Vintage T, back when the concept was still new, and her signature larger than life fro. Here is an update on this look.
Then, now and forever Kelis is an Afro-punk diva!