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my top ten reasons why chicks don’t digg punk

June 5, 2010
In this male dominated world, women have only seemed to go so far in the punk music arena. Now in mainstream pop music we have Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, but where are the women punk artists. And why, after so many years of sexual equality, can’t a woman just be a good punk artist as opposed to being good for a “female” punk artist. Well, I thought about it, and here are my top ten reasons why women shy away from the punk experience.

MY TOP TEN REASONS why Chicks don’t Digg Punk
Words Seymone Kelly
10. Women are too caught up in messing up their hair and loosing a nail to join a mosh pit.
9. Males look better in low cut shirts to show off their chest.

8. Women are afraid to wear Mohawks and shave the side of their heads.

7. Women with piercings, tattoos, all black attire, don’t look hot. They look like a fake version of Marilyn Mason.

6. When men yell in the microphone it just sounds better, women voices are annoying… ask my dad about my mom.

5. Women saying the phrase “Rock Hard” doesn’t sound as perverted as a man saying it.

4. When a woman is PMSing…she might sing a song about killing you.

3. The name of the women version of “the rolling stones” would be “the rolling strollers.”

2. A woman with dark makeup is scary than a Bret Michaels in skin tight jeans when he was in the 80’s rock group Poison.

1. Women punk artist who aren’t as ladylike as Drag Queens…is just plain weird in this society we live in.

Like it or not, those are my reasons. Beg to differ?