pull my threads: spring trends for hot legs

May 3, 2010

Coming out of winter all I can focus on is not wearing rain boots and coats. Usually around March/April is when I hit the internet hard to find new some threads to rock during the warmer days of spring into the hot summer days. While there is a whole lot of shit out there on the internet, I have managed to comb through it and find a few of the gems. These lines don’t just offer one or two choice pieces, but a whole line that you can mix and match from. Click on the store name to be directed to their site.

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Pull My Threads: Spring trends for hot legs
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If you feel your style most closely mirrors the likes of Erykah Badu, Solange or Rihanna, you will NEED these threads in your life. The BK designer Maya Amina Lake describes the line as “Ethnic Rockabilly” and includes bold patterns and colors on every piece. Personally, I just love how her pieces can be styled. All you need is one skirt or top (or if you can one dress!) to take an outfit up 10 levels. These are collection building pieces, so they aren’t cheap. They are the type of garment you could wear now and again when you are 80 with ease. The easiest place to get these show stopping pieces are on the Boxing Kitten web store, since they only sell out of four stores nationwide and are a HOT commodity. Not only because the silhouettes are timeless, but because the fabric is made and printed with the utmost care and detail. I know just the bare bones of fabric science (like don’t iron silk) but read here if you want to read more about it.

Sometimes I need a break from my staple black/white/grey mix and match of outfits. I know, gasp, but I do and I know you do too! Wild fox is great for that. Like some sour patch kids at the end of a long day, it is just a little kick of sweet/tang to keep you bright eyed and bushy tailed. Heavy on the ladies shirts and tanks end, they manage to create an interesting collection with new cuts and images. Insider trading tip; find a sale because these suckers are on the steeper end of the shirt world running around $40-$60 a piece.

I lived in these jeans when they started selling them at Urban Outfitters. Pretty much anything with cheap in the title out of Urban holds a warm place in my heart. So I am stocked to say with a clear continence that the clothing line that has followed does not disappoint. Dresses, tanks, shirts and all kinds of good shit come in crazy cuts and muted colors; and like the jeans, in a sensible price range. Even the jewelry (of which I am a big fan – safety pin earrings on a chain, what??!!) come in modern styles that work with the clothes perfectly.

Yet another line coming from the Left Coast – this brand is all about that dirty post hair-metal Sunset Strip Hollywood. Wit, bullets and lighting blots are all over these shirts, hoodies and accessories. The line isn’t too far of a departure from the screen print artsy world of Ts we have been living in for past few years. The difference is besides being awesome, this line isn’t sold at the staple shops – Forever 21, Urban Outfitters or Hot Topic. So luckily you will be the only one on the corner in a “Death Before Disco” shirt. Oh and they are SO soft. I can speak from personal experience on this one. The hoodies are great in this gross spring weather.
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