Rokz GH


Stretch marks, curves, tattoos: illustrator Rokz GH presents Black beauty in all its rawness

January 12, 2018

In a lot of artist renditions of Black beauty, the subjects have to compare to what white culture have established as worthy of praise. Slenderness. Regality. Light skin with few “imperfections.” Although these renditions are meant to combat anti-Black notions of what beauty should be, they often subtly reinforce those notions by still refusing to find the beauty in everyday people, with everyday flaws, in everyday situations.

Enter Rokz GH, whose unabashed portrayal of Blackness flips the script entirely. Here, curves, stretch marks and dark skin aren’t just acceptable on beautiful people, they are the signifiers of beauty themselves. Focusing on Black love and Black sensuality, Rokz GH gives a fuller display of who we are and what we can do.

Check out some of our favorites below!