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Afro-feminist French women create music & dance street show defying heteronormativity

November 10, 2017

Not all women fit the standards that white supremacy and patriarchy demand of them. 30 Nuances de Noir is a new project in France celebrating the ways that women exist outside of whiteness and heteronormativity. Pulling from African aesthetics and dance culture, the project consists of Afro-French women taking over public streets and parks to challenge the ways in which the Western frame only acknowledges women who fit a particular type of femininity, one that is composed of fragility, thinness, softness, heterosexuality, and whiteness.

Created by Sandra Sainte-Rose and inspired by New Orleans parades, 30 Nuances de Noir gathers 12 musicians and 14 dancers, including 5 professionals of locking and jazz.

After a memorable taking over Barbès with the Centre FGO Barbara, these women will continue their celebrations at La Villette on November 18th at 14h, and November 19th at 16h at the Freestyle Festival.

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