Battle of the 1Bands


décembre 30, 2019 12:00
Nomisupasta by stage and Nomsa Mazwai by might. This all round Super Star and everyday African is a Fulbgight scholar with a Masters from Fordham Univeristy in International Political Economy and Development, two postgraduate certificates, one in Emerging Markets and the second in Public Finance which she recently graduated from at the Wits School of Governance. An activist and thinker, Ms Mazwai served as the first female SRC president at the University of Fort Hare (Alma mater of Mandela, Sobukwe, Nyerere amd many more African Leaders) where she did her undergraduate studies in Economis and an honours degree in Financial Markets. During her term as President, she founded the Funda Mfundi campaign which raised funds for students such that they could access education despite financial ability. The fund aimed to provide funding to students for tuition, accommodation, clothing and food. She believed that there can be no access to learning on an empty stomach. Ms Mazwai is the founder of #FunkItImWalking, an organisation which promotes walking for the purposes of health, safety and the environment. She believes that anyone, especially women, should be able to walk at any time of day, in any condition. This power house of a woman is also the current General Manager of the Soweto Theatre. Over the past three years she has ensured the participation of arts practitioners in the theater through collaboration and partnership, committed to ensuring that money never stand in between a artist and their vision. With 18 months left at the institution, Mazwai is leaving an unforgettable mark at the Theatre while planning her transition to being in the service of the people of Soweto through #FunkItImWalking where the organisation will focus its work in South Africa. Before all of this, Nomisupasta Mazwai is a mother. She has an 18 month year old. She is a mother, a leader, a critical thinker, and a doer determined to build the South Africa and Africa of our imaginations.