Battle of the 1Bands

Danai Nyagani

décembre 28, 2019 12:00
Danai is 24 year old mental health activist who believes in the power of the youth. Danai is currently a project assistant at The Aurum Institute, a healthcare organisation which aims to eradicate TB and HIV through innovative research, implementation and treatment plan. The project which Danai works on aims to tackle youth unemployment and the spread of HIV through the employment and development of 10 000 youth from heavily burdened communities in South Africa. The work that she does contributes to creating a youth population that see themselves as not only HIV ambassadors but as change makers who create spaces that promote innovation and mental wellness.

Danai received her honours degree in Psychology from Stellenbosch University with her honours thesis focusing on the perceived notions of femininity ideology among women in social movements in a South African university. Moreover, Danai was an intern for Africa Matters Initiative, a youth led organisation which empowers young leaders through skills development and community impact projects. She plans to further her studies in 2020 by looking at how programs like AMI and Youth Health Africa can close the gender gap among youth in Africa.