Battle of the 1Bands


décembre 30, 2019 12:00
Batekoo is a party made by and for black people. All people involved in the production are black and batekoo has as its cenary the brazillian black music and abroad. It includes rap, hip hop, funk carioca, R&B, Trap, Urban, kuduro, reggae and other rhytms connected with black culture. Nowadays, batekoo happens in salvador, sao Paulo, rio de janeiro, recife, belo horizonte and it have hapenned special editions in brasilia and goiania.

Batekoo is not just a regular party, it’s a movement that, since its creation, empowers black and periferic youth around brazil, creating a safe space to all the minorities, mainly LGBT and black people, having nacional ans internacional relevance, being disclosed through portals like fusion, hypeness, and most recently, a documentary produced by redbull tv.