Miami Press


“The AFROPUNK festival is not only a diverse multicultural music fest that has an international influence and platform, but also a growing movement of non-conforming, forward-looking creatives and individuals who live fearlessly and authentically within their unique truth.”

“AFROPUNK’S CARNIVAL OF CONSCIOUSNESS celebrates both and we can’t wait to reap the benefits…There are so many facets to this festival that there is something literally for every soul.”

“Despite each city differing vastly in culture and distance, a similar spirit of blackness, activism, advocacy, love, and of course, expressive fashion, permeates each festival…and in a city like Atlanta that is dominated by music, Afropunk reveals the often overshadowed contribution fashion has on Atlanta’s thriving creative scene, and the impact the city’s style has on the global fashion industry as a whole.”

“It represents not just fashion and style but culture and identity; it represents breaking barriers, blurring gender lines and removing restrictions for who can wear what; it represents liberation for various marginalized identities.”

“Though AFROPUNK Atlanta delivered an excellent line-up and drew thousands, the electric ambiance of the festival is what made it stand apart as an event that has a true call to action.”

”AFROPUNK creates an environment cultivating artistic expression whether it be through music, fashion or visual art. This makes it more than just a festival, but a phenomenon.”