Battle of the 1Bands

SHAVONE. is a multi-hyphenate creative with many talents. She’s known across industries as a renaissance woman who continues to disrupt the norm as a classically-trained musician and change-maker in tech. All in addition to the start of her new creative venture Magic in Her Melanin. On the heels of being honored as a leading innovator alongside Virgil Abloh this past December, SHAVONE.’s taking the next chapter by storm with her creative pursuits and entrepreneurial venture Magic In Her Melanin prominently at the forefront. Whether it’s SHAVONE.’s trendsetter influence in fashion or her pursuit to break the mold as a millennial who’s trailblazing a new path for future generations of women in tech and entertainment, SHAVONE. is disrupting industries as a champion of creativity and culture. Her influence in fashion, tech and music have been profiled in outlets like Hypebeast, PAPER, ELLE, and EBONY, noting her history-making moves as the first African-American woman to ever be hired onto both Twitter and Instagram’s communications teams, along with being named on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Marketing & Advertising list. As a tastemaker, Shavone has collaborated with top brands across industries, ranging from Instagram, Nike to Google, Spotify, Dapper Dan and more. SHAVONE. is a polymath creative who continues to trailblaze a new, brighter path for creatives across the globe.

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