Maintenance Crew/Green Team: You help to preserve the beautiful public park that is Commodore Barry. You will encourage those around you to dispose of their belongings in the proper manner, as well as contribute to the “keep the park beautiful” process.

Greeters / Crowd Control/ Gate Entrance Staff: You are the eyes and ears of the festival; a mobile info booth who not only informs the attendees of all aspects of the festival, but also help guide them in the right direction. You may be required to assist the Box Office with ticket scanning at gate(s)/entrance(s) and a brief training will be provided on Eventbrite scanner hardware.

Site Operations: Your job is to help with some of the logistics of the festival. The duties require somebody who pays attention to detail and aesthetic, takes direction and is able to execute those tasks.

Artist Relations/ Hospitality: You are in charge of hospitality for artists. You make sure that the backstage area flows smoothly, and that artists are comfortable as they prepare to rock the stage!

Partnerships/ Sponsorship: AFROPUNK continues to partner with amazing influencers, socialites, and brands to add different flavors to the festival experience. Help out with maintaining these different booths/ activations during the festival weekend!

Guest Services:
VIP: This is a crucial position which requires individuals who have excellent communications skills, possess a calm demeanor and are diplomatic and pleasant. You are the first and last person our guests see while attending the festival, and you must ensure they have a smooth entrance. Speed and a smile are key.

Information Booth/ ADA Booth Support: Your role is to provide information to fest-goers to assure that their time at festival runs smoothly. You will be provided a FAQs sheet with all necessary information and a map so you can assist those who are in need of some direction. For ADA (Americans with Disabilities) Support, you are in charge of giving out the necessary credentials to these specific individuals and making sure they have the accessibility they need. You are also responsible for making sure that the space allocated to these patrons are not occupied by other individuals.

Vendor Relations
Food Trucks / Bites and Beats: You are a great communicator and a foodie at heart, ensuring each vendor and our guests have a pleasant culinary experience at the festival. Including, getting the food trucks in order to help them load in and load out.

Friends of AFROPUNK: An opportunity for our partners, whose presence is primarily online, to engage with our audience in a physical space. This is a space created to engage and interact in creative ways for the brands we love.

Activism Row: An interactive, educational, site-specific installation featuring grassroots and non-profit organizations that solve urgent community problems

Spinthrift Market Place: There are almost 100 vendors that come to sell their goods at the festival. Getting them set up in time can be quite the task. Including, helping all of our partners throughout the day. After that, you are there to assist your coordinator with the maintenance of the section.

Credentials: You are responsible for disseminating all “credentials” (passes/wristbands allowing specific access to areas that are closed to the general public) to individuals who are on an approved guest list. Be prepared to get pushback from individuals whose names do not appear on the list. In this instance, politely explain that you are unable to give them a credential. If the individual persists, find your supervisor who will handle the situation from there.

Your role will also involve supporting the Artist Relations team with special requests or needs from talent/bands as they arise. Given the high level of exposure and responsibility involved with this position – trustworthy, reliable and level headed individuals exhibiting the utmost discretion will be selected for this distinctive function.

Runners: Your role is to go wherever you are needed! You are our volunteers that will help various departments to assure that the festival runs smoothly. This means that you hold a lot of responsibility and must be reliable, and quick on your feet in order to switch gears and move around the park!

Media/Press: We will have a large media & press presence onsite from both national & international outlets. You are responsible for helping to check-in press/media, in addition to serving as official escort for any & all roaming camera crews and/or photographers that require to travel across the festival grounds throughout the day.

Graphic/Environmental Design Support: It takes a village to help bring one of the most epic music festivals to life. Skilled individuals are needed on the ground to assist in various areas of production, but the planning and strategy that occurs behind the scenes is crucial to the festival’s resounding success. You will be responsible for supporting the web and environmental design teams with creating visual concepts, developing the overall layout and helping to stage/set up all festival marketing materials throughout the festival site.

Signage: Help put up the signs that will guide thousands of festival patrons around the park! Your job is to put up signs and verify that they are in the correct place to lead the flow of traffic.

Catering: Your role is to help make sure that your fellow volunteers, our staff, and crew are fed. You will assist our cater in preparing meals for the day. This is an essential role because it assures that the AFROPUNK volunteers, staff and crew are nourished in the midst of all their hard work!

AFTERDARK: Your role is to assist our after parties the days of festival! You will be assigned various tasks to assure that the party runs smoothly!

Solution Sessions: Assist with the production and logistics of this event. Taking place during the festival weekend, this creative panel discusses issues facing women of color, people of color, and resistance through art.

Marketing/ content: Work directly with the AFROPUNK marketing/content team. Assist with collecting amazing content from photographers onsite. These images will be brought back to the marketing team to be posted and gathered for AFROPUNK’s social media!

Merchandise: This role is very explanatory. You will helping with retail merchandise sales and providing customer service to those buying our swag!

Data & Analytics: AFROPUNK’s Data and Analytics team provides guidance and expertise to other departments around data and analytics. Their primary goal is to push AFROPUNK to make data driven decisions across the company. We build, update, and distribute reports that inform departments of the trends and performance of their programs. It helps us understand us improve our message, and hear more from our audience!

Safety Team: Your job is to welcome AFROPUNK patrons! You are representing AFROPUNK by making sure people are aware of our non-gendered search lines, and by passing out pronoun pins. Your goal is to make sure that all patrons are supporting the “NO” in all of our tenets.