Battle of the 1Bands


Black girls DO rock. Elegant, gothic, and a little bit dangerous, Zhariah is a magnetic artist from Washington DC with a deep connection to her local punk culture. Conquering the world in leather and studded boots, Zhariah has performed at sold out shows in New York and Washington DC. She delivers powerful performances that fuse pop, screamo, and rock. Her anthemic songs BITCH BOY, CHELSEA HOTEL, and ACID BRATS will have you on your feet, dancing in the mirror and looking forward to her next performance.

Zhariah’s style slides from sweet to sexy to sassy to sweet again. She is a talented creative director, songwriter and actor who opened for the Nova Twins, went viral with her Paper Magazine feature, and directed her femme fatale 1950s themed music video for BITCH BOY. She effortlessly blends theatre, performance art and universal love and rage into musical performances that will make you feel something. The antidote to desensitization, her shows transform her audience from misfits to icons.