Battle of the 1Bands

Earl Sweatshirt

LA byproduct Earl Sweatshirt showcases his roots in the historically Hip-Hop rich environment of which he came from through his gifted writing, lyrics, and producing. His latest EP Feet of Clay, released in 2019, is further proof that he is one of the greats of this generation. Earl has been consistently pushing forward and staying culturally relevant through documenting his growth and self-discovery since he was 16 when he released his first mixtape Earl. Three years later he released his debut album Dorris followed by critically lauded I Don't Like Shit, I Don't Go Outside in 2015 which explored a more realized vision of the artist that had more depth of his technical dexterity as well as more swagger than prior releases. Fast forward to 2021; Earl readies his return to the scene. Stay tuned for more Earl Sweatshirt.