Battle of the 1Bands


BYHAZE is a creative content entrepreneur dedicated to the progression of his community through sonic healing, visual evolution, and artistic philanthropy. BYHAZE emerged onto the scene gifting audiences with his ocular narratives as not only a model, but a photographer/ photojournalist. Haze uses his lense to capture the depths of his subjects, putting their stories at the forefront of urban culture. While in front of the camera Haze effortlessly emits black boy joy, black boy style, and the the black boy imprint on popular culture. Haze has been featured on a wide variety of publications such as Vogue, Afro-Punk, Essence, Allure and many more. Haze’s artistic lifestyle is heavily influenced by Ubuntu, a South African philosophy that wants for a world to prioritize human kindness and compassion above all else.

Haze put this theory into practice, when he joined forces with femcee Jewell to create Hip-hop/R&B duo The Ubuntu Theory. This Duo, known for records like Chill Day and colorful performances that so eloquently blend the matriarchal and patriarchal vitality.

BYHAZE is set to release his highly anticipated EP Clarity. This is an all encompassing body of work that details his journey to understanding. His grasp on healing, his carribean consideration for rhythm & blues, and the emotional intelligence needed to create a work that is honest and pure to his story. Haze is dedicated to the multi-dimensional efforts it takes to create so passionately for himself and intentionally for his fans