Earn A Ticket

Afropunk Army


A central hub for volunteering, social justice, awareness and action, the AFROPUNK ARMY acts as a catalyst for social movements, helping organizations tackle the critical issues dismantling our communities globally — systems of oppression, LGBTQ+ rights, gentrification and more.

This special program encourages interested festival-goers to take action online and to volunteer their time, passion and talents to give back to their communities. In exchange, AFROPUNK ARMY activists who complete all program requirements* will be eligible to redeem (1) General Admission WEEKEND PASS to attend both days of AFROPUNK ATLANTA 2019 on October 12th & 13th!

AFROPUNK ARMY is joining forces with Propeller to mobilize digital engagement and volunteer actions in the name of social activism. To enter the Atlanta EARN-A-TICKET program, follow the instructions below. Space is limited for this special opportunity.

Enter today and get started taking action.

Give back. Get back.


Step 1: Enter the AP ARMY Atlanta EARN-A-TICKET program on Propeller.

Step 2: If you don’t already have a Propeller account, you’ll be prompted to create a password and join after you take the action to enter. You must do that to be eligible and so we can reward your actions.

Step 3: You’ll then be redirected to a page with important online and volunteer actions you can take to start earning points toward your ticket. And we’ll let you know whenever new opportunities come up!

Got a cause? Are you a nonprofit or community based organization? Know a dope organization we should work with? Let’s rap. If you are interested in learning more, please fill out this quick form HERE.

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