“AFROPUNK’s Video of the Week: Exploring the Pinnacle of Artistry in Music Video

October 7, 2023

Once again it’s that time of the week where we look into some of our favorite videos that came out this week. From Grammy winning artists, to up-and-coming DIY rebels who are pushing the boundaries. Prepare to be awestruck, as we uncover the hidden gems, groundbreaking techniques, and thought-provoking narratives that make these music videos the true works of art they are. “AFROPUNK’s Video of the Week” is your passport to explore the most exceptional and visually stunning creations in the world of music videos. So, without further ado, let’s step into a world where creativity knows no bounds and where every frame is a stroke of genius.


GRAMMY award-winning self-taught musician, producer, and writer Ambré has announced a vertical video series for her most recent project, who’s loving you?. The first video for her track “Elevate” is out today. Rolling out weekly throughout October, the five-part video series, co-directed by Ambré and 12 and co-produced by Nikoleeno Croslin, 12 and Taya Simmons, tells the visual story of the project, originally released in June.


For the past couple of months, Miguel has been busy on social media sharing snippets to his new music, teasing his fans of what’s to come. We feel like Miguel season is closer now as he just dropped the seductively smooth video for the single “Give It To Me”. The video explores feelings of flirtation, desire, intrigue, chemistry and how they tend to draw two people together. Give it To Me will be included in Miguel’s highly anticipated fifth studio album, Viscera, coming soon.


Ahead of her halloween themed album “Forever Halloween”, Baby Storme delivers visuals for the infectious single, “Sunglasses At Night”. The record has that early 90s pop nostalgic to it and Baby Storme’s vocals coast with the ease and incredible smoothness. Sunglasses At Night is about the fear of being vulnerable with someone because they might break your heart.


Nigerian singer and songwriter Asake shares the music video for “Remember,” featured on his latest album, Work of Art. The music video was directed by Joshua Valle and Edgar Esteves of Blank Square Productions. The visuals starts at an orchestral performance then follows Asake around Paris as he reminisces on a love interest – ultimately leading to them reuniting.


Nigerian singer, songwriter and producer, Tems has blessed us with her new single “Me & U” which has been highly anticipated since her last release in 2020. This is Tems’ directorial debut and for the visuals she’s used spiritual / religious symbolism which signifies rebirth and new energy. It’s not clear if this will be included in her upcoming project, but we’re eagerly awaiting whatever she will be serving us.