Nico Hernandez


Jean Dawson and SZA Come Together For The Jaw-Dropping “NO SZNS”

September 22, 2023

Jean Dawson and SZA teaming up for “NO SZNS” is one of those collabs we had no idea how badly we needed until it was here. Holy shit. The darkness that haunts the edges of Dawson’s music is a perfect fit for SZA’s hazy vibes, creating an atmosphere that hangs like smoke around the room. The single captures the potential of the changing of seasons, the uncertainty both good and bad of what the future holds. Dawson trades his pixelated synths for woodwinds but leaves the warped guitar solidly in place. SZA’s vocal steps into what’s already the most jaw-dropping cut in Jean Dawson’s discography and lifts it up to the stratosphere. The video from longtime Jean Dawson collaborator Bradley Calder pushes it all to perfection with two kids drawing in crayon their potential futures. As the joy, pain, and possibilities that the future could hold unfold around them, the synths swirl ominously and stunningly.



Check out “NO SZNS” here: