Black Pantera’s Latest “Dreadpool” Raises The Bar In Every Way

September 15, 2023

Fuck what you think
Fuck what you think of me
I see the brothers walk
Without fear


At this point there’s really no room for debate on the subject: Black Pantera are the greatest metal band active today. And holy shit does their latest reinforce that status. Built on a kinetic lead bassline from Chaene de Gama, the band pushes into alt metal territory on “Dreadpool.” Lead vocalist Charles takes the space to deliver a career-best vocal performance, demanding liberation without reservation. When Charles’ guitar kicks in with Rodrigo’s pummeling kit on the breakdown you can practically feel your blood racing in time. For a band with an already near flawless discography, “Dreadpool” continues to raise the bar. The single is out in both English and Portuguese. Check it out below.



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