Tommy Vo


Oxymorrons Pay Tribute To Netic Rebel On Vital New Single “Look Alive (Netic)”

August 29, 2023

The impact that Netic Rebel and Game Rebellion had on the the NY scene can’t be overstated. Though the band broke up almost 10 years ago, you can hear their influence in half the bands coming up now. Their style, sound, and unapologetic stance were years ahead of their time. Losing Netic in a botched home invasion last year marked a tragic loss for the community. For Oxymorrons, who played their earliest shows alongside Game Rebellion, the vibrancy that emanated from Netic needed to be celebrated. On their latest single “Look Alive (Netic),” the band is draped in vivid shades that pop against a monochrome world. There’s a joyous defiance to the sound; guitars pushed out to the front with vocals at max energy. It’s a testament that the spirit of community, individual expression, and love of life that Netic fostered continues on, and cannot be held back. Melanin Punk drops October 20th.



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