13th Law’s Debut Captures The Hazy Vibe of the Moment

July 14, 2023

Known as a driving force behind indie darlings Jelani Sei and punk trio Babyfang, Evan Lawrence’s newest project 13th Law melds his indie sensibilities with his jazz training for a sound totally his own. The first single, the sumptuous, dreamy “It’s Alright,” finds Lawrence at his most melodic, with guitars and vocals swirling around eachother. The video’s striking washed out visuals match the hazy intensity of the track, capturing the uncertain vibe we all feel right now. “It’s Alright” is the feel-everything hit of the summer.


Lawrence explains: “I make my music for people who’ve felt outcasted. About 10% of it is also for people who fit in because odds are, they didn’t explore too far outside the box. I’m here to play with that box, deconstruct it, amplify, divide, multiply, transform and more all while caring about the way it was then to the way it is now.”



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