Shadow Work


Shadow Work’s “Something Trivial” Is Anything But Trivial

June 7, 2023

Building from a moody bass intro to a driving psych breakdown before evaporating in the end, Shadow Work’s “Something Trivial” is anything but trivial. The Denver trio’s latest rises and falls beneath singer Rafael Nava’s impassioned vocals. As the track gains momentum, the tension between the plaintive vocals and the laid back instrumental snaps into a sort of catharsis. The atmospheric guitars hiding in the margins take the lead while the drums finally let loose. The band’s skill at taking unexpectedly satisfying turns shows through the whole track and has us waiting with baited breath for the forthcoming full length, Imago, due out later this year.

“The song came about during a time where expectations were high internally for all of us to have this next release be a proper representation of Shadow Work while the chaos of life and death surrounded us,” Nava explains, saying “Something Trivial” represents. “a longing to be comfortable with myself and the broken promises. As a band this song illustrates a cycle to me, from the soft uncertain beginnings, the familiar yet new ground to find our feet and the build and climax being the release, while always leading back to the soft uncertainty of the cycle. It’s a pick me up but sit me down softly of a song.”



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