Tommy Vo


Oxymorrons Hype New Album ‘Melanin Punk’ With Fierce New Single “Graveyard Words”

June 23, 2023

The Oxymorrons cannot be held back. The NYC icons have been prepping their latest, Melanin Punk, and the advance singles point to it living up to the hype. In addition to the already-unleashed Troi Irons collab “Last Call,” the new record features guest spots from Hyro the Hero and Kid Bookie. The newest single “Graveyard Words” marries the band’s penchant for singalong hooks with a heavy drive, and a visualizer that calls to mind the late night broadcast horror series of their youths. The song captures the band’s namesake contradictions, it’s hard but soaring, combative but optimistic. The cut shows a massive dynamic flex as it jumps from the guitar-heavy chorus to a taught introspective verse and back again.


On the new single, the band explains “It’s about speaking with intentions. Words carry weight and you can manifest positivity but also negativity with the things you say – on the extreme side of the spectrum it could cost you your life. It’s about the laws of attraction through words. The chorus sounds like a threat coming from an individual – like ‘yo watch yer mouth or I’ll f*ck you up’ – but it was really written from the perspective of the universe/karma warning us humans. A small example is we try not to use the word ‘hate’ in our vocabulary when describing something we don’t like. We’re not always successful, but just trying to remove that word so that we don’t attract hatred into our life and leave that portal open for hate to come through. You attract what you project, and we project positivity.”



Presave Melanin Punk here and follow the band on socials @oxymorrons for more.