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Gabrielle Union’s ‘The Perfect Find’ Highlights Who Is Responsible For Family Planning

June 26, 2023

It’s been just over a year since the Supreme Court’s upheaval of women’s healthcare. I never thought we would be without Roe v Wade, so watching states legislate against access to abortion care has been disturbing. Life inspires art, and the same can be said in reverse, as such it isn’t surprising to see abortion storylines expressed in film and TV series.

That said, Gabrielle Union and Kieth Powers’s recent film, The Perfect Find highlights who is responsible for birth control in a relationship. Without giving away the plot too much, this film sees Gabrielle’s character, Jenna attempt to rebuild her life and reestablish her career after a devastating breakup. While love isn’t her focus, a new relationship with Keith’s character, Eric demands she introspect about the future she wants and what she’s willing to do or sacrifice to achieve it.

Who wanted what in ‘The Perfect Find’?

In a perfect world, family planning would be left to the discretion of the parties involved. However, in the United States that decision is mandated by the government as well as the parents. As such, it is important for people to be on the same page when it comes to whether or not they are interested in being parents. For Jenna, having children was something desired and would have contributed positively to the future she wanted. Eric, on the other hand, did not seem as amenable to being a father. Merely looking at these two having different expectations for their lives, it would be advisable to take certain precautions where sex is concerned.

To be fair neither Jenna nor Eric established the parameters of their relationship beyond keeping it secret for a time. Seeing as Eric was vehemently against becoming a father, his interests would be more negatively impacted if the couple were to fall pregnant. Thus managing that outcome would benefit him more than it would suit Jenna’s interests.

Men need more birth control

We often see women as the ones who attempt to trap men with children. However it is interesting to note that we do not speak of the men who impregnate women willy-nilly as irresponsible themselves. While the research and development of male contraceptives leave men with fewer options, those options are viable. In films like Baby Boy or Wave when a woman falls pregnant unexpectedly there is an expectation that she find her way to an abortion clinic. With the current legislation in the United States men will no longer be able to rely on said clinics to relieve them of the responsibility of fatherhood. Therefore it is necessary that man become more interested and vocal about their reproductive health and the birth-control available to them.

In conclusion, your rights regarding birth-control extend as far as your own reproductive system. To clarify, once sperm has left the body there is nothing more that donor can do to prevent a pregnancy or a birth. In the past, people with female reproductive systems used to have more options, such as a morning after pill or an abortion. This cannot be said as easily for where we are in 2023. Gabrielle Union’s first romantic comedy in 10 years, while it wasn’t directed at this issue, interestingly highlighted the importance of knowing who is responsible for preventing pregnancy in sexual relationships.