Migella Accorsi


M.A.G.S. Wrestles With Faith On The Fiery New “Sins”

May 26, 2023

The brainchild of singer-songwriter Elliott Douglas, M.A.G.S. merges alt rock playfulness with punk rock intensity. The angular riffs and sudden shifts in tone hearken back to the DIY scene of the mid-90’s, with Douglas’ voice switching up from a raw shout to a delicate whisper and back again. The new single “Sins” finds the singer wrestling with the faith of his upbringing and trying to make sense of his place in it. The dynamic swells echo his struggles, while his voice’s impassioned delivery grounds the hook.


M.A.G.S. describes the track, saying “I hope when people hear ‘Sins’ they can sense the urgency of what I’m saying, you’re not broken just because you took a different path than your parents and you’re not required to carry the guilt and shame that was placed on you any longer.”



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