Shervin Lainez


Anjimile Curses Majestic On New Single “The King”

May 24, 2023

What don’t kill you almost killed you


Anjimile’s 2020 breakthrough Giver Taker was a revelation. A deeply intimate portrait of a Black trans man in America fighting for his sobriety, the album felt like a DIY house show in all the right ways. The past few years have seen his profile rise, and its fitting that his scope should rise too. Still armed with just a voice and acoustic guitar, the first single from his forthcoming The King stretches and mutates and layers Anjimile’s guitar and voice into an orchestra, a choir, and a apocalyptic synth. Inspired by the Biblical story of Daniel, “The King” bristles with fire and brimstone, rising first from a haunting choral opening to a cacophonous climax. It’s ambitious, majestic, and stunning, and leaves you desperate for the full album’s release this fall.


“If Giver Taker was an album of prayers, The King is an album of curses,” Anjimile says of the forthcoming record.



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