Jessica Griffith


6 New Releases You Need In May

May 5, 2023

The Veldt – The Everlasting Gobstopper

The shoegaze visionaries The Veldt are back with a new single that stands among their classics. Danny and Daniel Chavis serve up a moody, driving cut with “The Everlasting Gobstopper” showcasing why 30 years into their career, the band is still spoken of with reverential awe.

Magnolia Park – Homicide

Orlando pop-punk outfit Mag Park have a knack for the sweet spot of anthemic hooks and heartfelt emotional lyrics. On their latest “Homicide,” the band slows down the tempo and ramps up the intensity for a song that the band says is a reminder to “check in on the people you love, make sure they are okay and let them know they are not alone.”


Steff Reed – Shadow Work

Longtime friend of AP Steff Reed has always mixed his music with themes about mental health and resilience. On his latest, the catchy as hell “Shadow Work,” the singer-songwriter pulls inspiration both from his personal struggles and activist practice. Singing lines like “I’m strong but, there’s a raging war inside,”


Beauty Pill – Abandonware

Having recently regained control of their catalog, DC indie rock outfit Beauty Pill have been opening their vaults to revelatory effect. In addition to a long-anticipated vinyl release of their 2015 masterpiece Describes Things As They Are, the collective have unveiled the remix disc Abandonware. Produced by Brown Eno, the album mines the expansive Describes Things sessions, adding new depths to an album that was already essentially flawless.



Joy Oladokun – Proof Of Life

Singer-songwriter Joy Oladokun’s rise has been a bright spot in a bleak time. Her lyrics are bold and honest, merging impeccable songcraft with a unique voice. Even when staring into the abyss as on the album highlight “We’re All Gonna Die,” Joy’s music strives to find the meaning in it all. Proof Of Life is the kind of album that we’ll still be talking about years from now.


The Heavy – Bad Muthafucker

Garage-soul kings The Heavy are back! Their new set Amen finds the band in peak form, with vocalist Kelv Swaby’s inimitable rasp finding new depths in the band’s iconic sound. The new record mixes in early punk rock and 80’s nods with their classic soul, adding a new highlight to a discography made up of highlights.