Carol Borges


Black Pantera’s Latest “Não Fode o Meu Rolê” Is A Reminder That Revolution Without Joy Is Meaningless

March 24, 2023

We don’t mince words around here when it comes to Brazilian metal luminaries Black Pantera, so don’t take it lightly when I say that their new single and video for “Não Fode o Meu Rolê” is the best thing the band has done to date. The single weaves together everything the band does better than anyone else; the pummeling riffs, the unexpected twists and turns, the taught song construction. But it fleshes out the combination by giving Chaene da Gama a rare vocal line juxtaposed against Charles’ ferocious growl, and a playful arrangement that seems designed to give each member of the trio a moment to flex. Chaene’s voice plays off Charles’ perfectly like Guy and Ian and Chuck and Flav, adding a new level of depth and intensity to a band who has never struggled to find either depth or intensity. The video from Carol Borges turns into a shockingly joyful celebration of defiance, family, and community. For a band whose stock and trade is an uncompromising commitment to fighting all forms of oppression, “Não Fode o Meu Rolê” rolls up with a reminder that a revolution without joy is meaningless.


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