An Ode To Blackness

February 15, 2023

Black is magic. Black is love. Black is beautiful. Our melanin fuels the magic and divinity in our DNA. We are the reflections of our creator. We are the hope and dreams of our ancestors.

Blackness is so special and complex. When we celebrate us, we celebrate who we were, are, and will be. This Black History Month we want to celebrate the complexity of our existence… the beauty of our being. Through all the hardships we face, still we rise. The beauty in Blackness does not come from hardship; it comes from love. Our BLACK POWER & PRIDE playlist includes spiritual sounds that will inspire and uplift you. 

We curated this special playlist as an ode to Black people and our culture, influence, and magic. The sounds in this playlist will take you through a journey of love, resilience, ingenuity and community. We hope you enjoy and continue to carry on with pride and love. 

Happy Black History month!