Michael Danners


Oxymorrons Let Loose With The Glitched-Out “Enemy”

January 26, 2023

Fresh off their tour with The OBGMs and Pink Shift, Oxymorrons just stepped in with a glitched out video for their dope new single “Enemy.” The single indulges in the band’s heavy side, with pummeling riffs cutting beneath their inimitable vocal delivery. The band’s been on a kick since dropping their Mohawks & Durags EP last year, and the latest continues to fine-tune their merging of punk rock and hip-hop. Matched with a video that nods to the joy and chaos of the early internet, Oxymorrons continue to be unstoppable.


The band explains: “When you’re creating change, it seems like pushback is a natural thing that occurs. Push back from outsiders, family, friends and most of all yourself. ‘Enemy’ is about Oxys being true to who we are and letting our individuality shine. Just because we’re comfortable being exactly ourselves doesn’t mean we’re against you. Once you understand and accept this, you will understand we are all one; we are not enemies!”



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