Sade In The Studio Again

October 11, 2022

The English band Sade, like Frank Ocean, have us on the edge of our seats waiting for a new album since their latest EP in 2010 [Sade is the name of the full band including lead singer Sade Adu]. Sade’s most recent projects were the 2010 EP ‘Soldier of Love’ and two singles for the 2018 soundtrack of “A Wrinkle In Time”, ‘Flower of the Universe’ and ‘The Big Unknown’. 

Since Sade’s debut album in 1984, Diamond Life, was followed by the following projects:  Promise (1985), Stronger than Pride (1988), Love Deluxe (1992), Lover’s Rock (2000), and finally Soldier of Love (2010. Throughout Sade’s career, they’ve released 1-2 projects per decade since their debut in 1984… Will we be getting a new one soon?

News of Sade potentially working on a new album broke out yesterday, Monday Oct 10th, 2022 via a Billboard cover of Brad Pitt and French producer Damien Quintard’s newly renovated recording studio, Château Miraval. According to the press release announcing Château Miraval’s revival, Sade are back in the studio recording what could be their next album. 

Though Pitt and Quintard didn’t confirm Sade’s new album, they did share that the band are the space’s first official residents. Is Sade’s newest residency at Châteu Miraval indication of a new album? We can only hope the iconic band is back at it and surprises us with a new single.