PREMIERE: “” from Rising Alt Rock Star SAIAH is Pure Joy

August 12, 2022

Blending a punk attitude with alt rock drive and an indie pop way with hooks, SAIAH has come out swinging. Their last single “5 minutes til dawn” garnered a lot of attention, and their latest “” doesn’t just build on that momentum, it takes a moment to enjoy the ride. It’s an undeniably catchy cut that captures the moment all rising artists have lived for since the first genius thought to put speakers in a car: when you hear yourself on your car radio. Equally at home on roadtrip mixes or the pit, the cut builds from a passionate folk punk guitar intro before coming in hot with waves of texture and atmosphere.

“‘’ is me really taking a moment to enjoy the journey so far.” SAIAH tells us. “I’ve been going through a lot but I’ve also gotten through a lot and been able to build something real and it’s good to take a moment to enjoy that. It’s fun and joyful without losing my want to surprise people and keep them guessing along the way. It’s a song everyone can enjoy but it still doesn’t pull any punches and keeps pushing against any boxes people want to place around my art.”



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